Synelixis Solutions is a high-tech company founded to operate as a one-stop shop and provide complete telecommunications, networking, security, control and automation solutions to professionals, industries, businesses and home users. A key principle in Synelixis Solutions approach is to offer the best technology at the lowest price. We always try to minimize the disruption to the customers, through an in-depth consultation process, which drills down to extract their exact needs and requirements and explore their available resources; thereby optimize our customers Return On Investment with solutions that cost less and provide more.

Synelixis Solutions has extensive expertise in blockchain and DLT technologies which are at the core of its Traceability & Supply Chain Intelligence solution family. Synelixis Solutions is currently integrating these technologies in its Cybersecurity & Risk Management solutions family. In parallel, Synelixis Solutions has cultivated Artificial Intelligence relevant expertise in the framework of Cybersecurity solutions.

In DAFNE+, Synelixis Solutions seeks to apply its blockchain-based expertise in the art sector. It plays a crucial role in the design and development of the decentralized DAFNE+ platform which embraces blockchain technologies to ease a wide set of exchanges that take place in the cultural sector and the “art supply chain”. Additionally, Synelixis Solutions develops artificial intelligence-based tools for image processing allowing the users to “style” any image according to their preferred style (e.g. Van Gogh’s style).