DAFNE+ Project aims to create a decentralized platform for fair creative content distribution empowering creators and communities through new digital distribution models based on digital tokens. With this idea in mind we celebrated a webinar at Glitch3 a two-week art and tech rsidency that took place this Autumn near Paris.

During one hour, some members of the partnership explained what the project is about and how the platform will work to the artists that were attending the webinar. In the other hand the team had the chance to hear some very interesting insights from those artists that had attended the residency, which gave a rough idea of how the artistic community will receive the platform once its launched.

Aspects like progressive fees, licenses or reputation were some of the issues treated. Also the neccesity to create a community and the important role of education as trigger to make a good onboarding process into blockchain and DAFNE+ future platform.

Glitch and its history

Glitch was celebrating its 3rd edition with the theme “Alternative Intelligences”. The main purpose of the residency was to encourage collaborative endeavors amongst artists and engineers, with a particular focus on interdisciplinary works that incorporate art and technology in new and innovative ways. 

They also promote artists to move beyond the traditional minting of NFTs in order to explore blockchain as a medium, investigating the new functionalities and programmability of blockchain technology in order to create new and innovative artworks that would not be possible without the blockchain.