The Fab City Foundation is the stewarding body of the Global Initiative of Fab City, which aims to shift the global production paradigm towards a more meaningful approach to how we organize production and consumption in cities. The Fab City Global Initiative comprises three arms: the Fab City Foundation, Fab City Collective and Fab City Network, which together form a global movement of citizens, government, experts and enthusiasts who work together to instigate this transformation.

The Foundation fosters the structured implementation of the Fab City agenda through innovation projects, distributed educational programs, knowledge transfer opportunities and network  building.

In DAFNE+, Fab City Foundation puts this experience to promote fair economic models for the Cultural and Creative Industries. In particular, we work with communities of makers, designers, musicians, and more to find sustainable and fair economic models supported by blockchain technology.

Our contribution to DAFNE+

  • Fab City Foundation recognizes the importance of designing and developing innovative economic models, inspired in open and cooperative community practices and innovative blockchain solutions. Our participatory research and design practices help us understand the values of DAFNE+ communities and catalize their creativity towards the design of fair economic models addressing their needs. The community will be actively engaged in the design and testing of these models.
  • The Foundation will be evaluating the progress of the project, helping communities to test and validate DAFNE+ platform and tools. These evaluations serve to iterate our designs and improve how our tools support our communities.
  • Fab City Foundation will be proposing a sustainable business model for DAFNE+ platform, and define the exploitation strategy of the outcomes of the project. This strategy will support the continuation of the project and maximize its impact. The model will be based in other sustainable blockchain-based and online communities, using direct participation and ownership as well as open collaboration and licenses to drive open innovation and community stewardship.

Fab City Foundation acknowledges the significance of the role of communication technologies infacilitating the cooperation and sharing that the new modes of production need. Our local communities can benefit from a global network that shares designs and information and rewards all contributors while encouraging local adaptations, diversity and the best redistributive practices. Our participation in DAFNE+ will contribute to the definition of new fair economic models, and the development of digital infrastructure to support them. These are key elements for the transition towards sustainable futures we envision.