Let’s makecreative contentdistribution fair

DAFNE+ is a decentralized platform for fair creative content distribution empowering creators and communities through new digital distribution models based on digital tokens.

DAFNE+ is a project funded by the European Commision’s HORIZON program, that aims to help digital content creators to find new forms of creation, distribution and monetization of their works of art through blockchain technology.

Empowering the artists

DAFNE+ will provide new services and tools that allow the creation and co-creation of content in a blockchain in an intuitive and simple way so that artists don’t need to have technical knowledge on blockchains or NFTs. These tools will be compatible with those currently used by content creators in their studios, so that the quality of the works is not affected.


DAFNE+ will promote creator communities through the new decentralized organizations (DAOs) that are forming around digital tokens or NFTs. DAFNE+ will create a DAO in which all the holders of a governance NFT or token will have decision-making power over the rules of the community and the content distribution platform that will be created.

DAFNE+’s research will also focus on the definition of new business models through the distribution of content, allowing creators and users to monetize multimedia creations. These new business models will allow the involvement of new actors, considering the needs of the community involved, through the DAO.

Meet the DAFNE+ team

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Learn more about @Dafneplus_ , the platform for fair creative content distribution based on blockchains, NFTs and DAOs during the #IrcamForumParis23 ➕

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At @EngineeringSpa we are exploring Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), the emerging co-creation models in Web 3.0 through @Dafneplus_ . Our goal is to support the fair creative content distribution through the use of NFTs. https://www.eng.it/en/case-studies/dafne-una-piattaforma-decentralizzata-per-un-equa-distribuzione-di-contenuti-creativi

Are you curious about how #blockchain is transforming the creative industry? Our latest blog post on our site has all the info you need! https://dafneplus.eu/2023/02/basics-of-blockchain-technology-and-its-applications-in-the-creative-industry/ #EC #HorizoEurope #dafneplus

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