DAFNE+ is indeed an innovative project that seeks to help creatives understand and dive into new technologies such as blockchain, Web 3 and NFTs. With this main purpose, the project looks to make content distribution fair.

In this interview, DAFNE+ project manager, Iago Fernández-Cedrón, from UPM, helps us understand the main objectives of this European research project. As he explains carefully, DAFNE+ is thought “to help and foster the efforts to monetize and make new business models for the creators in these industries”.

DAFNE+ “brings the possibility to cocreate the NFTS and distribute the tokens and the royalties in a fair and transparent way for those users that want to work with us”, he adds. Also he talks about the possibilities that new decentralized models of organization can bring to the creative space. “We empower those communities with the DAO that we are building to allow them to decide on how these new business models work on their creations”, he confirms.

Watch the whole interview to know more about DAFNE+ Project.