IRCAM is a French institution founded un 1977 by French composer, pedagogue and orchestra conductor Pierre Boulez. Its purpose was the research and study of acoustic and music.

“Boulez had a vision that the future of contemporary music would go through science and technology”, says Hugues Vinet, from IRCAM, in this interview. “He had this idea of puting together on one side scientists, engineers, and in the other side musicians that would work together to renuew the musical expression”, he adds.

Nowadays they have a lab where they produce technology and research in this innovative field. But this is not only for internal purposes but also for external users. That is why they founded IRCAM Forum, that has already 60.000 users worldwide.

At this point, IRCAM’s researchers wanted to go further and planned to use “NFT and blockchain technology, using software and creation tools”, Vinet explains, and is one of the reasons they are part of DAFNE+ project. In this interview Hugues Vinet gets to explain some of the aspects of this collaboration.