Athens was the location chosen for the celebration of the second General Meeting of the Dafne+ project. A very suitable place if we bare in mind that Greece is the cradle of Greek mythology and Daphne is one of its characters, a female nymph that turned into a laurel tree in order to scape from Apollo.

State of the art technology applied to the creative industry

Names and mythology apart, the partners of this European project got together to exchange impressions and insights of where the future is bringing the creative industry and how Dafne+ can respond to the most common concerns of the creative sector nowadays.

During the two days of workshops and meetings the group reached a consensus on what are the chances for the new creative generations to produce artistic pieces and be able to sustain their activity as prosperous and productive as they need using new technologies such as Web3 and the blockchain.

Within this new space, issues like the use of licences and how to defend their intellectual property, how to construct their economic independence within the new ways of organising communities were put on the table.

Still a long way to go, but the project seems well founded and with a good and strong starting point.