Such things happen and, sometimes, a quick response is the better option. Due to the deprecation of Mumbai testnet from Polygon, DAFNE+ platform has been obliged to migrate to Amoy testnet network, to be able to continue to work. For this reason, from now on the platform will operate in this other network.

The technical reason for this is that Mumbai testnet for Polygon PoS uses Ethereum’s Goerli testnet as its root chain. This means Mumbai counts on Goerli for block production. But, since Goerli is currently scheduled for deprecation, by the end of the first quarter of 2024, this change needed to be made as Mumbai will cease to operate too.

Our technician partners have been working hard on this matter so that none of our current users have any problems with this issue. The NFTs that had been created up to this point in time will need to be migrated aswell.

As a matter of fact this is being done already and no major issues have come up to this point. This is why in DAFNE+ project we are confident that this matter will be resolved soon enough.

This means also that we will start working on a new platform tutorial to show our future users how to configurate their wallet onto Amoy Testnet. In the meantime if you have any inquiries you can contact us here.