In this interview, Olga Trevisan, from IAAC, explains how they are working to develop DAFNE+ project. “We are collaboraing with the maker and design community researching viable tools and methods that can benefit our communities in the digital landscape”, says.

In this sense, the Distributed Design Platform (coordinated by IAAC) will be engaged – a distributed creative community of 1600+ novel content creators across making, art and design. Based on the global Fab Lab Network of 35,000+ users, the platform is undertaking research and development into creative alternatives to industrial processes. “Another aspect that the platform is developing is to assist content creator on various copyright agreements”, she adds, in order to explain how this can be useful to artists and designers.

Artists and designers can take advantage of the tools provided on the DAFNE+ platform to create, distribute and buy original artistic content that can be used for emerging technologies, such as VR/AR applications and games.