Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is one of the most prestigious technical universities in Spain and Europe, offering a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in engineering, architecture, and technology-related fields of study. Established in 1971, UPM has become a leading institution in higher education, research, and innovation, providing quality education and cutting-edge research opportunities to students from all around the world.

UPM’s academic programs are designed to provide students with comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge, preparing them to become highly skilled professionals and leaders in their fields. The university’s faculty is composed of renowned scholars and experts in their respective fields, providing students with a high-quality education that combines academic rigor with practical application.

Inside UPM, Grupo de Aplicaciones de Telecomunicación Visual (GATV) or Visual Telecommunications Applications Group is a research group at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid focused on developing advanced multimedia technologies for various applications, including virtual reality, immersive media, and multimedia communication. The GATV research group has participated in more than 150 research projects (25 in H2020 and 10 in Horizon Europe) and has a long history of research excellence, with numerous publications in leading international conferences and journals, as well as active participation in national and international research projects. Their research activities are focused on several areas, including 3D modeling and reconstruction, visual analytics, multimedia communication, and immersive media.

In DAFNE+, UPM plays an important role as leader of the project, whose purpose is creating a decentralized platform for fair creative content distribution empowering creators and communities through new digital distribution models based on digital tokens.

UPM also leads Use Case 1 called “User generated heritage content”. In this use case DAFNE+ is going to demonstrate the focus to users willing to produce content, to be exchanged in the platform with other users or communities or consumed, with the corresponding reward. In DAFNE+ platform users will be empowered to generate their content with the control of where, how, who and with fair conditions, their content can be exchanged and revenues are fairly distributed to the prosumers as creators, and their communities behind.