The DAFNE+ platform has several use case scenarios that demonstrate the potential of the platform to empower users and communities in the cultural heritage sector.

In this first set of interviews, Tobey Dubois-Heys, from the School of Digital Arts (SODA), from Manchester Metropolitan University, explains what is Use Case 1 is about. The first thing that he points out is the target audience. DAFNE+ project Use Case 1 “reachs out to prosumers, students, staff and all other industry partners”. In this sense, Dubois-Heys says that DAFNE+ is really interesting for SODA because “it acts as a boundary breaking research project allows staff and students and industry partners to work together on NFT culture”.

This use case is, as Dubois-Heys confirms, “a really good way of getting out into a community of makers and cultural producers who are absolutely involved in digital arts and digital creative projects”.

In the other hand, for him DAFNE+ highlights “interesting questions that are happening for all creators right now in terms of IP, ownership, trustworthiness and remuneration and how all this things are changing because of the speed of change within digital technologies”.