Dafne+ platform will be presented in the art and technology residency Glitch next week. Glitch is a two-week residency designed to foster breakthrough creativity at the nexus of artificial intelligence and blockchain. This 2023 celebrates it’s 3rd edition. Starting on October 23rd, it will create the perfcet immersive situation for artists and technologists to be able to explore new creative practices merging art and technology.

With the title “Art Residency on Alternative Intelligences”, GLITCH³ will take place in a 17th-century chateau surrounded by nature in Burgundy, France. This residency will reunit a group of 30 experts and visionaries from different fields to immerse in hands-on workshops, philosophical forums, brainstorming encounters, and much more.

This innovative residency looks to engage artists with state-of-the-art technologies and platforms. But also to equip them with tools and insights that will help them embarce the potential of blockchain and AI in their work.

Over the last three years GLITCH has hosted over 100 artists and instigated many new initiatives and institutional collaborations, within the art world and beyond.

Primavera De Filippi is one of the promotors of this encounter. She is a French legal scholar, internet activist, and artist known for her pioneering work at the intersection of blockchain
technology, arts, and the law. Her research focuses on the legal challenges and opportunities of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. She was a founding member of the Global Future Council on Blockchain Technologies at the World Economic Forum, and co-founder of the Internet Governance Forum’s working group on Blockchain Technology. Also we are proud to say that she is also one of DAFNE+ Ambassadors.